Forbes: Six Key Factors That Will Help You Retain Top Talent

Today's job market is still very much in favor of candidates, and employers have to work harder than ever to attract and retain their best employees. It's no longer enough to offer a competitive salary and benefits package — top talent want something bigger, and they have no problem moving on if they don't find it.

We asked members of Forbes Human Resources Council to weigh in on the one way companies can remain competitive and keep their employees around in 2017.


1. A Strong Company Vision

Show people the vision of your company and how their work contributes to that vision. Align the company vision with talent's vision to keep people engaged. People can leave for more money but it is hard to leave if they feel responsible for carrying out the company's vision. -Ben MartinezHireVue


2. A Connection To Something Bigger 

People want to connect with something bigger than themselves. They want to know that their work is making a difference. Companies that tie their business objectives and the work individuals do to a "noble why" will be able to better differentiate themselves from competitors. Articulate your vision and the importance of the work being done so that all employees connect to your company's "why." - Todd RichardsonEmplify

3. Brand Power 

To remain competitive in the war for talent, you must have an excellent employer brand. This cannot come from slick marketing pieces. Your brand must be authentic. To create an authentic employer brand, cultivate a healthy culture where employee engagement is top priority. Engaged employees put forth discretionary effort to improve and promote your business, creating a strong employer brand. - Ashley WilczekJustice AV Solutions

4. Employee Referrals 

Referred employees come in with a better understanding of the organization, are more likely to refer others to work at your company, and even have a tendency to stay longer. It's not as simple as creating a referral program - your employees have to be brand advocates. No one has ever referred a friend to a company they hated working for. Focus on turning your employees into brand advocates. - Courtney MuddInfluence & Co. 

5. A Lasting Legacy 

True talent always strives to be a part of a legacy, to contribute to a product or service that significantly changes an industry or mass behavior. If you can sell a candidate on the impact your company will make, the important role they will play, and the likelihood that a random person will see the name of your company on their resume go, "Oh, I've heard of them," you have a new recruit. - Angela NguyenAd Exchange Group

6. Career Roadmaps 

Career growth is the number one reason why employees leave their current job for a new opportunity. Offer employees the ability to become the trailblazers and creators of their own career roadmaps. When top talent have clarity in how they can meet professional and personal goals within the organization, that organization becomes unstoppable. - Leanne WongMC Partners

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