"What I enjoy about working with Leanne is that her coaching literally changed my mindset, goals, and outlook instantly."

I decided I wanted to invest in a life coach because I felt like I needed a professional to help me take a more methodical comprehensive approach to living my best life and being happy.  Have someone who is experienced can help you improve in areas of your life that you never realized you needed improvement. One phone call can lift you out of a dark place and into a positive healthy and optimistic mindset. You have the ability to recognize when your client is heading down the wrong path mentally and help them course correct immediately. Working with Leanne has reinforced the idea that I'm in the driving seat, and it's up to me to create the life that I want. 

— AJ Bellarosa, Managing Director of Acumen Solutions

Leanne possess an energy that can only be described as unfailingly optimistic.

...so much so that it can permeate even the darkest of times in the darkest of souls. This energy is not just simply a personality trait, it seeps into every aspect of what she does [including] how she solves problems, how she handles tricky personalities, and how she approaches her day-to-day tasks. She does all of these things with a general sense of what's possible and never gets bogged down with what's not. It's a truly remarkable quality - one that is needed in all types of businesses.

— Dara Handelman, Senior Marketing Director at Paxos

"Leanne is one of warmest and most hospitable individuals I've encountered in the workplace. She consistently demonstrates her ability navigate various networks and understand people."

— Marissa Bowman, Senior Director of Customer Success at Zendrive


My relationships with those around me are improved, and I feel more in control of my mind and life.

Leanne is someone I have know for years but has added new perspective and value to my life over the past year. Her assistance in opening me up to mindfulness and the benefits of productive meditation through books, personal guidance and inspirations has brought a missing link to areas within myself I have been focusing on. As a nomadic executive who works non-stop, I have relied on adrenaline and pressure for motivation for most of my career.  Only recently have I begun to recognize the value of learning to cool my brain in order to create focus, flow, insights and renewal of spirit and mind in ways that work for me. Leanne has been instrumental through allowing me to lean on her experiences in order to incubate my own mindfulness.  My relationships with those around me are improved, and I feel more in control of my mind and life.

Randy Rodriguez, General Manager at IBM

Leanne is one of the most talented Human Resources professionals I have ever met.

She is extremely knowledgeable in this space, always organized and very professional. Leanne is capable of managing many large projects at the same time and the outcome is always success.

— Kim Petry, President and CEO at Be Balanced

Given the ability to work closely with Leanne has been extremely positive and beneficial to my own career growth.

She is a great mentor and manager to have and is always able and willing to provide support and encouragement to the team during times of pressure.

— Tessa Giordano, Regional Project Manager at WeWork