About me

Having spent 6 years as a business leader and recruiter in the technology and consulting space, I understand environments that lead individuals to thrive in their careers and how painful it can when those environments no longer fit.

In May of 2015 I was leading global talent acquisition for a booming tech consulting firm, I had a great team, great bosses, I well respected among colleagues and yet I felt unfulfilled. I wanted more. More of what? More money, yes definitely. More influence, why not? So I took a big, high paying job at an innovative fintech startup and 8 months later, found myself feeling even less fulfilled. 

I learned a few key lessons from that experience. 1. Choose a role & industry that leverages your natural strengths 2. Money is not the most important thing when choosing your next big career move. 3. Trust your instincts. 4. Fulfilling work feeds your soul & the opposite crushes it.